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National Sugar Institute

National Sugar Institute, Kanpur, established in April, 1957, is one of the premier institutions established by the Government of India. The aim of the Institute is to provide meaningful education, to conduct original research of the highest standard and to provide leadership in technological innovation. 

The Institute awards Certificate, Masters and Doctoral degrees in various branches of technology and science. It has been making special efforts to recruit talented faculty on a world-wide basis and to admit bright students from all over the country by a online selection process. The Institute has one of the finest scientific & technological staff with an information retrieval system over the campus.

Academic Divisions in NSI

  • Agriculture Chemistry Division
  • Bio chemistry Division
  • Organic Chemistry Division
  • Physical Chemistry Division

National Sugar Institute Courses

Diploma Courses

  • ANSI (Sugar Engineering) Associate- ship of National Sugar Institute in Sugar Engineering 
  • DIFAT Diploma in Industrial Fermentation and Alcohol Technology
  • Diploma Course in Sugarcane Productivity & Maturity Management 
  • Diploma Course in Industrial Instrumentation and Process Automation DIIPA 

Certificate Courses 

  • SECC Certificate Course in Sugar Engineering. 
  • SBCC  Certificate Course in Sugar Boiling. SBCC 
  • CCQC Certificate Course in Quality Control CCQC 

Research Programme/ Fellowship Courses 

  • Fellowship of National Sugar Institute in Sugar Engineering 
  • Fellowship of National Sugar Institute in Fermentation Technology 
  • Fellowship of National Sugar Institute in Fermentation 

National Sugar Institute
Kanpur , 208017
Uttar Pradesh, India 
Telephone: ( 91) 512-2570541, 2570542, 2570543, 2573141, 2573142 
Fax : ( 91) 512-2570247 

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