Law Education in Uttar Pradesh

Pursue a career in law which now a days is considered as a one of the most respected profession with ample scope for career advancement. It is fast emerging as a popular field of study among students aspiring to join legal professional in future. Just like engineering and medicals , the career in law provides ample growth opportunities. In government sector there exists many judicial vacancies for law graduates. Corporate sector also requires legal professionals to manage litigation filed by opponents and competitors. To fulfill the need for trained law graduates there are many colleges and universities in different parts of country. In Uttar Pradesh itself one can find many prestigious institutions imparting fill time LLB, LLM, Integrated Law and Ph.D programmes etc.

The legal profession in Uttar Pradesh has undergone a strategic change over the last few decades as law aspirants are no longer restricted to courts. They can be found in various corporate houses, law agencies, law firms, litigation, administrative services and many more. It provides prestige and unlimited earning potential. 

Most of the colleges in Uttar Pradesh offers both Undergraduate courses and Post Graduate course in Civil and criminal law. Students can also study corporate and commercial law, international law, intellectual property law, environmental law and human rights law etc. Stress is being given on resourceful and research-oriented programs. 

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The role of a lawyer in today’s time has moved away from black robes and white collars to swanky corporate offices and jobs in industry and media. As law incorporates diverse fields, it opens various options for law graduates.

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